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Asthma Treatment By Double Stem cell

The basis of mesenchymal stem cell therapy lies in stimulation of the immune system. Even under severe bronchial asthma stem cell therapy contributes to the regeneration of lung tissue, which leads to a significant reduction in the incidence of attacks and their duration and stops asthma attacks.

Stem cell therapy in patients with asthma increases resistance to colds and infectious diseases reducing the frequency of exacerbations. It reduces the allergic response of the organism to allergens including house dust, animal dander, pollen and foods.
Adult Antilogous Stem Cells are progenitor cells in the body. When treating asthma own stem cells will be taken from the bone marrow or adipose tissue and then cultured in a special laboratory.

After reaching a certain number of these cells they will be administered to the patient intravenously. Stem cells have the unique property - they can differentiate into any other cell. They are important for initiation of changes in the appearance of lung tissue, and timely treatment will lead to a cure.

In the United States, asthma affects approximately 26 million people – including almost 10 percent of our children. Asthma causes patients to experience wheezing, shortness of breath, and gasping for air. The incidence of Asthma is rapidly skyrocketing – over the last 25 years the incidence of asthma has more than doubled. Asthma is a highly inflammatory disease often requiring strong inhalers and corticosteroids to stop the inflammatory response.

At the Miami Stem Cell Treatment Center, we have stem cell treatment options for Asthma that involves the patient’s own adult stem cells; the IRB approved protocol includes a combination of intravenous and nebulizer SVF delivery.
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Using our stem cell treatment options, the stem cells are isolated from a small amount of fat–the richest source of stem cells – which are obtained during a mini-liposuction procedure. The stem cells are harvested, concentrated and then deployed (re-infused) back into the patient’s body via intravenous infusion – all in an outpatient procedure. The procedure takes less than two hours.

We are proud to be part of the only Investigational Review Board (IRB)-based stem cell treatment network in the United States that utilizes fat-transfer surgical technology. We have an array of ongoing IRB-approved protocols, and we provide care for patients with a wide variety of disorders that may be treated with adult stem cell-based regenerative therapy.

Stem cell therapy may reduce the allergic response of the lungs to allergens, including house dust, animal dander, pollen, and foods. The mesenchymal stem cells are administered intravenously to replenish the stem cell supply that may be required to manage asthma symptoms.

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